Ozone Elements blacklisted in C9

Having just installed Ozone Elements I try to open it in Cubase 9 and it reports that it is blacklisted. I try to reactivate and it says “Reactivating the Plug-in failed!”. The Plug-in Manager shows Ozone is blacklisted.

However, when I open it on a audio track, Ozone shows in the VST Effects list, and it opens and works fine.

Anyone else seen this?

Only the VST 2 version is getting blacklisted. The superior VST 3 version works like it should.

Do you mean that two versions have been installed? Thus one is blocked and the other is the one in use?

Yeah, if it’s working then you have nothing to worry about.

OK, thanks. (Though for good organisation I don’t like something on the blacklist!)