P8Z77-V Pro BIOS settings

I am running a P8Z77-V PRO with Nvidia G210 in a new PC I just had built, and I’m finding that the C7 (7.0.2) ASIO metre is spiking about 15% randomly, but at least every 10 seconds or so. I’ve checked the PC in DPC Latency Checker, and it’s usually well under 100 and any spikes in DPCL don’t match the spikes in C7.

So, firstly I thought I’d check to see what settings I should have in the Asus BIOS ? I know plenty of people run this motherboard (& VGA card too) so I’m a bit surprised that I have this issue.

Deactivate ASIO Guard in the Device Setup menu and see if that clears it up.

I tried that: the overall load decreased but the spikes were proportionately the same.

This is just a guess. I’ve had one or two plugins that caused regular ASIO spike intervals. Removing them cleared it up. Is it possible you have a 3rd party plugin installed that might be causing this? Other 'n that, I got nothing.

OK, yes I’ll try removing my VST folders and see what happens. Thanks for the suggestion.

Didn’t help - infact it seems to be the Nvidia G210 causing the problems, which is surprising as I know it’s a popular VGA for DAW’s. I’ll start a new thread.