paced / measured crescendo?

has anyone found a way to do a sort of measured (or minutely paced) crescendo hairpin, whereby dynamics are placed in the middle of the hairpin? mock up overcomplicated example from Sibelius attached – but similar to a passage I’m working on.


yes, check dynamics under engraving options. is an option for that there.


Thanks! I set that option to the one that would presumably permit this kind of dynamic marking, but it didn’t help.

I think you have to enter the middle dynamic also. in the dynamics popover write ex. pp<mf<ff


aha, that worked! but boy, that’s not flexible at all. If this is going over a passage of several notes, this kind of terracing will create the middle dynamic at the logical half-point – but if I wanted to move the dynamic a beat over, I don’t see a way. I’m trying to do it in Engrave by pulling the dynamic, but that leaves a visible hole in the hairpin which I can’t fix.
(see attached)

You can, it just takes some more clicking. Press return to go into input mode, press shift-D enter ppp<, click return to go out of dynamics but still in input mode, advance the cursor with spacebar to next note or with right arrow key if you wan’t in between notes (amount of ticks dependent on the setting in lower left corner), press shift-D enter mp<, press return, space or arrow to next place, shift-D f<, etc…


p.s. I love the dynamics popover once you get used to it.
Skärmavbild 2016-12-12 kl. 21.28.36.png
Skärmavbild 2016-12-12 kl. 21.16.34.png