Has anybody got a padKontrol working with Cubase, and if so how? I’ve tried all the drivers available from their (useless) site. I’ve tried installing/un-installing/registry cleaning and everything else I can think of, and the midi device just doesn’t show. The driver is installed, according to Windows 10, but neither Cubase nor Reason 10 can find it. I’m on 9.5.3, latest update of W10. I can live without the padKontrol but…why should I?

padkontrol is sort of wonky sometimes with the drivers, you might need to go to it’s
uninstall app, and then delete some midi items you see there that are duplicates
or no longer in use. I have not specifically tried padkontrol with my copy of Cubase,
but this is a common issue and solution generally. If you need more info, you can
check the Korg forums on that controller. Best of luck with it.