Pads and Sphere midi assignment


I appreciate I need to read through the manual fully, just wondered if anyone had any advice as to the best way of doing the following using the standalone program.

I have a Korg nanopad2, I want to assign 8 of the pads globally to represent the pads for whatever sound I bring up in Halion.

I think the best way of doing this is for me to program the nanopad with note numbers way below what my 88 note keyboard has, in other words set the first one to what is C-2 in Halion (Its an octave higher in the nanopad software but its the same note), the next to C#-2 etc, then save trigger notes as default and make sure use default trigger notes is ticked?

The other thing I’d like to do is set the nanopads x-y touchpad to operate the sphere. I can program in any CC number to both X and Y on the nanopad but this isn’t going as smoothly as I presumed it would. Trying to get Halion to learn the horizontal and vertical CC using the touchpad simply is confusing it, I presume this is due to when I touch the pad, both the X cc and the Y cc are being transmitted. I’ve had varying results, none of them satisfactory.

Is there a way to manually input into Halion 5 the two CC numbers for the X and Y and if so, can I save this globally please?