Padshop 1.1.20 is OUT (yosemite compatibily)

Finally is out!
Why you do not share the link here:

Is out on 26 feb and I see it only today :frowning:

Beware – it crashes my 64 bit VST3 hosts, including Tracktion, Cubase 7.5 and Cubase 8.0, at start-up. 32 bit hosts appear to be ok. And AU is working ok – just VST3 in 64 bit hosts. Anyone else running into this, or getting the new version to work in a 64 bit VST3 host? Reverting to the older version… sigh.

BTW, running OS X 10.9.5 (Mavericks).

In my Logic 10.1 on Yosemite 10.10.2 all works good

Just installed Padshop 1.1.20 and it’s crashing Nuendo 6.5 in Mavericks. Removed the plugin and all is fine. May try the old version but for now may have to wait for an update of the update.


Nuendo-NEK 6.5
Padshop Pro

Aloha S,

According to this chart, 1.1.20 IS ‘Yosemite ready’.

If fact it looks like all of Steiny’s products (other than Midex) are now kool with OS 10.10.x. Yea!

Good luck!

Hey Curteye…hello to you

Well I guess I’ll have to update to 10.10 then as it doesn’t work under 10.9 The previous version is fine

Good news on the compatibility info…just in time for OS 11 :wink: