Padshop 2.2.0 available in Steinberg Download Manager

I just found an update to Padshop 2.2.0 in the Download Manager.
There seems to be no official announcement about this update yet. Anybody know about the changes in this version?

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There is a version history available for download in Steinberg Download Assistant. Look in the “VST Instruments & Plugins → Padshop 2” section.

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Thanks to @David_W for tracking down that it’s available in the VST Instruments… section, while it seems to have been omitted in the Updates section.

I assume it was just an oversight, because the Steinberg team is stretched too thin for everything that’s going on.

Here’s a quick screen capture for anyone bumping into this thread.

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For me it appeared in the update section, otherwise I would have missed it.

Yeah it showed up for me as well as I was curious if there was a v10 update to spectralayers one so opened up download manager.

There were some content patches been updated too - don’t know what they were, but so small I just hit ‘install all’. Maybe related to the mediabay stuff?

yes, the Padshop and presumably related content update showed up in the Updates section for me, too, but not the release notes

Okay thanks, got it.

“Updates” only shows updates for software and content that you have installed. I agree that it would be better for Version History to appear here, but that is not the way it works at present.

Version History is usually available if you drill down into the relevant folder in the rest of the folder tree, though you will have to look in the component folders for some bundles (i.e. if you own Absolute 6, you will have to look in the HALion 7 folder for HALion version history).

Some .0 releases do not have a Version History.

Some version histories (including Cubase and Nuendo) are now on the Steinberg website rather than being downloadable PDFs.

In the Download Manager, in the Update section, VST Sounds, there are 4 soundbanks listed for Padshop. Must I install those as well for the Padshop 220 update?