Padshop 2.2 Pitchbend Setting Bug?

TLDR: In the pitchbend settings of Padshop 2.2, the “-” pitchbend setting goes to -48 as it should but the “+” pitchbend setting only goes to +24. Can someone verify they are getting the same results?

I was going to go on a deepdive of Padshop 2 with my Roli Seaboard. I feel like the depth of granular options in Padshop is better than other granular capable VSTs I have like Pigments, Form, etc. When I loaded up some presets from the “Padshop MPE” presets, the sliding/pitchbending wasn’t right, which isn’t uncommon, so I went to set the pitchbend to +48/-48 which allows the Seaboard to track pitch correctly while sliding. To my surprise, the plus pitchbend maxed out at +24. This makes it impossible to slide up and retain pitch correctly. This seems like a pretty major bug for anyone wanting to use MPE with Padshop, if this isn’t somehow user error on my part. I did some poking around and I didn’t find anywhere else that looks like it would affect this setting.

Can someone else please verify that their version has the same issue? Thank you in advance.

Quick follow up. The original problem still exists with the pitchbend settings, but I did find the solution to make this work with my ROLI.

If anyone else is having the same issue you want to have the Seaboard with (NoteExp) selected for your midi input, not the normal Seaboard you would select for other MPE instruments. Then set Channel Input to Any and Group and Channel to 1 and use the Note Expression window to assist with selecting which MPE elements are on. You can only do Slide, Glide and Pressure but it is enough to create some interesting changes to the patch in real time.

I’d still be curious if someone could report if they see the same problem with the pitchbend maxing at +24.

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Unfortunately, that’s currently the maximum pitchbend range allowed by all Steinberg plug-ins derived from the Halion engine.

But why would they have the range be -48 to +24 as opposed to -48 to +48 which is what all of the other vsti synths use? It doesn’t make sense to me that it would be lopsided like that.