Padshop 2 and the new licensing system

I’ve read the post about the new licensing terms.

I purchased Padshop2 a while ago, and i’m using it as a VST plugin inside Ableton Live.
So far i’ve had many issues with activation and licensing.

What does this new announcement mean for my particular use case? and how do i take advantage of the new terms? what do i need to do ?

Can you run padshop on a software dongle? Then it might be a good idea to move it to a hardware dongle before they shut down the elicense servers.

Welcome to the forum, @lysergide. You don’t need to do anything: your existing Padshop license will continue to work as it does now. For more information, please read the eLicenser section of the Steinberg Licensing FAQ.

I was wondering if i would be able to use Padshop on multiple computers ? since this is what was stated as one of the changes in the “new licensing scheme”

I guess that will apply when they do a major update. Hard to guess, it is included in cubase and are sold as a separate product. So for cubase 12 owners should work with the new system. But it was also updated for cubase 11.