Padshop 2 as standalone

How can I use the Padshop 2, included in my Cubase Pro 10, as a standalone?
Thank you

I don’t think you can unless you install a VST Host. I use Unify but there are a number of free ones.

Thanks for the reply. I will take a look at these free VST Host, sounds interesting.
After I posted my topic , I found out that we have to buy the Padshop 2 as standalone for $129.99, too expensive for me.
I’ve already paid more than $500 for my Cubase Pro 10 and I thought at this price we could use the Padshop 2 as standalone.
Actually If I am not mistaken I learnt that we cannot use any VSTi included in Cubase Pro 10 as standalone, for example Halion Sonic Se 3, prologue, Retrologue, etc… too bad at this price range.

You can use any VSTi (including Halion Sonic Se 3, Prologue, Retrologue) in a VST host. What you pay for if you e.g. buy Padshop 2 as standalone is to get an exe file that can be run truly standalone but I can’t see the need for that.