Padshop 2 expansions not loading in Cakewalk

Hello! I have loaded some free expansions like Cinergy into the library manager. They show up there but when I load padshop 2 as an instrument into cakewalk, I cannot see the expansion names. Thanks in advance!

Turns out that if you move them out of the default folder and into your own new folder, they show up.

Hi. I’m having the same issue. I can’t load the Evo Elysium VST expansion into Padshop 2 . And I’m also using Cakewalk (although I’m not sure if that matters).

Can you please explain how you moved your expansions out of the default folder and into a new folder and then loaded them.

Thank you.

Yes, I used Steinberg Library Manager. I used the MOVE button and created new folders in my documents folder on my hard drive, then selected the new folders to MOVE the presets there. Hope this helps!