Padshop 2 Global Reverb Bug

Hello everyone, First time poster with a Global reverb issue.

So I have been creating some patches and It seems that any patches I save that have the Global reverb enabled
have an issue with the audio cutting out completely after a few seconds. I didn’t realise it was the global reverb at first
but as soon as I disable it in the patch the audio comes back, Enable it and it’s gone again.

Anyone else having the same issue?
I’m on Windows 10 64 bit
and it’s doing it in Ableton 10.1 and Reaper


So I guess I’m the only one having this issue, I made a quick screencast showing my problem.
The samples I use in my 2 user patches are rendered at -8db as 32 bit Wav
I created a folder with about 15 Wav’s all the same format and only 4 of them cause this.
So what could it be? Is something overloading the Reverb, Are my samples in the wrong format?
It’s really making the job of creating a commercial patchset a bit of a nightmare
and I cant figure it out.
I don’t remember this ever happening with Padshop Pro and I have no way of testing.

Watch your ears because the audio clips a bit when deactivating the global reverb.

It’s time to send support a ticket I guess :frowning:

No reply from support yet but it seems this is being caused by the “Silence” at the end of the samples.
So I can’t use samples that have sections of silence in them anywhere.

If anyone else has the time to assist I would be grateful.
I have uploaded 2 samples here

Please create a basic patch with the spectral osc without adjusting the loop points.
You will notice that the samples seem to clip at the point they fade out.
If you adjust the loop end so it’s before the fade then it does not clip.
Try doing it with and without the Global reverb activated

Can anyone assist?

I can confirm your issue and also found an workaround.
It seems Padshop is not able to handle 32bit files properly.
After converting them into 24bit, Padshop 2 behaves correctly.

Thanks, If only the manual or support could have told me that sooner :laughing: