Padshop 2 in Nuendo 10

Do you know if I can use Padshop 2 in Nuendo 10, if I upgrade Cubase to 10.5?
(Padshop 2 is included in Cubase 10.5)


If you would have both licenses on the same USB-eLicenser (or both USB-eLicenser would be plugged in – with Nuendo 10 and other with Cubase 10.5 license), then you would see Padshop 2 in Nuendo 10 too. Same as you can use Padshop 2 in Cubase 9.5, if you have Cubase 10.5 license.

Great, I hoped this would be the case. Thanks Martin.

That is pretty neat! Does it apply for other DAW’s too? ProTools, StudioOne etc?


Interesting question… Unfortunately I don’t know.

Yes, I think so.
Because you can use Cubase´s/Nuendo´s onboard Padshop in other daws too.

When will Padshop 2 be included in Nuendo 10? Looks like we have to wait for 10.5 to arrive, right? Cheers.


Padshop 2 is included in Nuendo 10.3, which is a free update.