Padshop 2 - missing presets for Padshop 2


I just bought and installed Padshop 2 and I do not see new presets in the padshop browser.
It looks like they are registered properly in Library Manager (see attached photo).

My system: Win10 Pro, Cubase 9.5 Pro

How strange. I would try removing the Padshop 2 library in Library Manager, load Cubase and open Padshop 2, close Cubase, then reinstall the Padshop 2 content (double click on one of the .vstsound files). Does that fix it?

If not, does the Padshop 2 library show in Padshop’s “Load Preset” window? If it does, the issue only affects Cubase’s media bay - in which case I would try resetting Cubase’s preferences.