Padshop 2 - No waveforms visible

I use Reaper as DAW. Padshop 2 works (also sample import is OK) but the waveforms of the samples are not displayed.

I am a new user. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? I purchased the Complete Bundle today.

I have tried Padshop 2 now with Live. There is the same problem here. Waveforms are not displayed from own samples but also from standard patches. In this way Padshop is not enough usable.

UPDATE: Also in Halion 6 (Skylab and Auron) the waveforms are not displayed although everything else works.

The Steinberg support doesn’t answer. This is a very frustrating start. I wonder if it was a good decision to buy the product.

I use Padshop 2 and Reaper 6. I had a couple of problems getting P2 to play well with Reaper … as I recall yours was one of them.

  1. Make sure you upgrade P2 to the latest version … which is v2.0.1.44 as of today.

  2. Be wary of that little “+” checkbox on the FX Wrapper in Reaper. It leads to some settings that can cause problems with P2. In my case it was the HiDPI compatibility setting. When that setting was enabled I couldn’t drag knobs and sliders when the P2 UI was floated.

Doing both of these things fixed all my problems. I’m currently using P2 v2.0.1.44 and Reaper v6.05 with the HiDPI setting disabled and P2 works just fine.

Good luck!


Thanks for your answer. After ages the support answered and told me that Padshop Pro 2 is only for Windows 10.
When I bought Absolute 4 it said that 64-Bit Windows 7 / 8.x / 10 is supported. No direct info that this does not apply to Padshop Pro 2. Only when you call up the Padshop Pro 2 page, you can see this. Unbelievable.