Padshop 2, presets available but no samples (import works fine)

Hi al, I have just upgraded from Cub10 to Cub 11 (pro) to resolve an issue with the Touché controller. As part of the package, Cub comes with padshop 2 which for some reason does not allow me to retrieve any of the samples in the 3 libraries. On another post somebody reinstalled PS2 via the download manager. I have tried this with the same result: you can retrieve a preset (factory or my own) but no sample and no waveform. If i import a sample i do get the waveform, can store and can retrieve. I then deinstalled PS2 and reinstalled PS 1 from Cub 10. This works fine! Back to PS2> no samples…
I have done this on two seperate machines both running Win 10 release 1903 fully updated.
Am i overlooking something here?
Any help appreciated, regards from the Netherlands. Sef