Padshop 2

I am confused by the new Cubase 10.5

Does Padshop 2 replace Padshop Pro or will there be some sort of Padshop Pro 2 that we need to upgrade to? Or do we automatically get Padshop Pro 2 if we have Padshop Pro 1??

i am speculating but from the website it sounds like they are doing away with the pro version because on the new features it says this “Importing your own samples — a feature previously only available in Padshop Pro — is now accessible to everyone.” and i can also upgrade from padshop pro to v2 for 30 dollars

It does kind of mean that those who bought Pro end up paying for it twice, though I admit it is not that straight forward as there are additional features in Padshop 2. It might have been more forward-looking to have built this functionality into the sampler track in any event.

Yes, interesting question: I have on my eLicenser a “Padshop Pro Extension” which I remember paying for, and which made the “built-in” Padshop in Cubase into Padshop Pro, which exists as a plugin only (no standalone version). If I buy the update from Padshop Pro, do I end up with a standalone license for P2 that I can move to another USB eLicenser, and then by upgrading to Cubase Pro/Artist 10.5, get another license for P2?

Very ambiguous system.

i just read the news page and it says the update wont work for built in padshop

“It may be important to note that the available update to Padshop 2 is incompatible with the Padshop included in Cubase. For all of you running Cubase Pro and Artist: we recommend updating to the Cubase 10.5 to use Padshop 2.”


You should have read this:

Obviously, Padshop 2 is a part of Cubase 10.5.

Now, i’m just wondering for who the upgrade option is… for people who don’t own Cubase, but still own a Padshop Pro license? For people with an older Cubase, but, Padshop 2 won’t work on those? Puzzled…

fwiw, i didn’t have to run any additional padshop upgrade installer(s). the installation of cubase 10.5 automatically upgraded padshop on my setup.

Nothing really, Padshop 2 - now the only version, there is no Pro anymore - is included in Cubase 10.5 Pro. Ask them for a refund, maybe. That update is only useful for owners of non-Pro versions of Cubase.

As Cubase Pro users, if we’d waited long enough, we wouldn’t have had to pay for Pro.

I did the same thing. Did I just get duped out of $30?

I fear there will soon be many like you. Steinberg should make the situation more clear. I myself almost fell into the (surely unintentional) trap, too.

I bought two PadShop Pro upgrades in the past, because I have multiple Nuendo and Cubase Pro licenses. It would be fair if Steinberg would give a little discount for upgrading to Cubase Pro 10.5 when there is an additional PadShop Pro license too.




That’s pretty much what I thought they would say Tech-Dance.


If Steinberg & co read these forums, maybe for the people that already paid for a padshop pro licnese, they should give us a coupon for upgrade to Halion or Groove Agent full versions. (I would prefer Halion as I am a Maschine user and have all the drums I need ;-0)

  • I never did understand why Halion full isn’t included in Cubase Pro but Retrologue is.

Great to see a more improved padshop version . It sure got everything and I am very impressed. Only thing missing I wish it could read scala or tun files for even more microtuning expressions.

I was thinking of upgrading to Padshop 2 from Padshop Pro for use with Artist 9. That would be worth $29.99 to me.

However, reading above posts, maybe Padshop 2 is only compatible with Cubase Artist 10.5. Is this true??