Padshop 3 features

What features would you like more for a possible Padshop v3 next version?

I did some sparse feature requests in the past, but I would like to gather them to one place if other users as well want to share. I like Padshop a lot, it is my favourite synth for pads and I’ve been spending months now building new presets with my own sounds. Yet even the most beautiful synths are improved regularly. This is my proposed list (in brief), add your own if you like:

  1. Fx. The effect section is a little skinny currently in v2. In v3 there might be a number of slots where I can put a (bigger) number of fxs - including distortion, guitar ampli & cabinet, a complete duplicate of the synth filter (to have a second one at occurrence), we could put more instances of the same fx (e.g equalizer before and after). Once all slots are filled, we could save an effect chain. At least the effect level amount in each slot would be a destination in modmatrix.

  2. Browser. Improved file manager navigation. Options to save in user-defined locations (possibly out of C:). Save individual layers.

  3. Layers. Single layer management: save layer, browse layers in A/B with pre-listening. Mix horizontal slider: RH-mouse option to control the slider directly by all keyboard inputs (velocity, keyrange. aftertouch), not only modwheel. If possible, have it as destination in modmatrix.

  4. Filter. Make filter level a destination for modmatrix (the controllers lanes in the arp pages might do marvels with it)

  5. Macro knobs in the synth, available as sources in modmatrix (they would allow to link our physical keyboard knobs to more destinations and save them in the preset, so port it to another Cubase project unlike MIDI cc learn). A new opening window might contain these macro knobs and some pivotal info from both layers (currently Padshop opens on A layer, synth page).

  6. Oscillator engines: they are a marvel, do not need improvement (Just promote the spectral engine)

  • GUI size. Scalable, or at least options for different bigger sizes. This one is imperial imo, Padshop looks cruelly small on my 27-inch (5120 × 2880) Retina screen. Eyestrain guaranteed after a few minutes of work.

  • A zoom tool to work closer into the sample


And I would add: MPE support. I just purchased a neat plug-in (Fluid Chords) that does poly-bend among multiple chords staying in tune, a fantastic feature for a pad sound, but it only works with MPE vst synths

definitely GUI scalable
3rd party DAW presets easier to group and filter eg. choose all pads, keys etc.
Maybe a whole page for browser as in alchemy , vital etc
Intelligent or constrained randomization of presets
more flexible fx definitely

We really need the option to put the distortion before the filter. In order to mellow out the distortion effect. This is especially useful with bitcrush and sample rate reduction distortion.

Or is it already possible? (i’m just trying the demo so maybe i missed it?)

Hey, if you are using cubase, you can set up MPE in padshop. Search Cubase and MPE and there is plenty there. Once set up in Cubase, you can go to Padshop’s Mod matrix - ‘note expression’. The MPE parameters you previously set up in cubase should be listed under ‘note expression’ - then simply rock on like you just dont care