Padshop AU version crashes Logic...

Just bought Padshop for my Cubase Elements 9.5.20 AND to have a AU version for LogicPro. All seems to be fine with the VST3 version in Cubase but the AU crashes like crazy( or just doesn’t load saying it “failed” and to contact manufacturer). Version is up to date and I also installed the AUpatch thing that dates from a while. Anybody having success with Padshop in Logic and Sierra 10.12.6? Thanks.


Apple changed something about how AUs work in Logic that’s causing issues with Steinberg’s older plugins. You’ll have to wait for an update.

Newer plugins such as Halion 6, Halion Sonic 3, Retrologue 2 and Groove Agent 4 are working fine.

Thanks for the reply. In effect, Retrologue 2 is working fine since the last update. I thought I would be ok since they say that it’s mainly with High Sierra that it’s unstable but I’m still on Sierra. Anyway, will have to wait I guess. I bought it mainly for Cubase anyway, the VST3 seems to be fine. Thanks.