Padshop, Browsing and Zero Gravity


Upgraded to Pro and bought Zero Gravity at the same time.

Is there no way to see what is actually Zero Gravity sounds?

All I can find is the “simple” browsing view (see attach.).
Wherever I look in Cubase I can’t find any traces of Zero Gravity. Shouldn’t there at least be a way to find out if it’s even loaded?

(second question: Padshop samples won’t show in Halion, correct?)


Still need help?

yes it’s the same for everyone , you would of expected some sort of order or reference to zero gravity , the only way you can tell is by the number of patches which should be 706

Simply tag the presets with à new filter call : “Padshop library” And activate your filter in the présent window of Padshop !

you don’t even have to do that just open the location tree and the presets should be in their corresponding folders

and also at the top right corner of the sample wave forum is a little arrow ,click on that and that shows you all the sounds

you can also use the media bay and add the Library column to the view, then filter by padshop.