Im interested in puchasing Padshop.

Will it work with Cubase 5 on an XP machine


Hey Blue Wave,

I noticed that you’d not had any feedback on your question. Sorry about that.

I’m a Mac guy and a CB6 guy, so I don’t have much to offer directly. Having said that, have you submitted a help ticked through the normal support channels?

My guess is that the answer will come back “no”. I remember reading that w/ CB6, Steinberg was dropping XP all together. I’m not 100% on that, its just what jumps to mind.

For whatever its worth? The jump from 5 to 6 was pretty remarkable IMHO. All kinds of refinements and so forth. At least on the Mac version.

I’d be interested to learn where you come out on your question.

All the best,


Is it supported? No.

Will it work? Likely. If I were you, I would give it a try. C5 will recognize it of course, and it will run. Your worst fear would be the occasional crashes.

Might as well put the $50 towards Cubase 6.5, instead, and get complete coverage.

Might not fit your situation, and it’s just my opinion.

FWIW Cubase 6.5 and Padshop work very well on my XP 64x PC. No support from Steiny but I haven’t needed any in years


Will it work with Cubase 5 on an XP machine

Cubase 5 --> Yes, because of VST 3
Windows XP --> Not supported



Hello All

Thanks for the feedback.

Support from Stienberg is not required, will it work was the question.

Mr. M seems to have it working on an XP machine with Cubase 6.5

So I will try it.


No need to be sarcastic about it (and if only I perceived it as such, I apologize in advance)… in saying that XP is not supported does not only mean in the way of help. It also mean that aim of development no longer includes XP (per se).

Please note that he said “x64” (as in 64-bit), in case you didn’t think about that.
(Just trying to be helpful, mate.)

It does work here with Win XP 32 SP3

I just downloaded the update for Cubase 6.5 from Cubase 6.06 which I currently use on my Windows XP OS. It continually crashes when I hit setup. I have no idea why. I tried to run it as administrator, etc etc…i see others using it and wondered if perhaps anyone had any knowledge to this issue? Thanks, any feedback is appreciated. -Cisco

I actually discovered that the issue with loading my Cubase 6.5 upgrade was completely unrelated to my OS which is Windows XP. I had a NET error, and downloaded an update for my system…once I tried this, it ran the setup flawlessly. All is well now. Just a heads up if anyone else has an issue with this update from Cubase 6 to Cubase 6.5 using Windows XP 32 bit. (by now mostly everyone has Windows 7 or MAC though, and 64 bit…im in the dark ages ha…good things people. :smiley:

Weird, the NET issue is an intaller/elicenser issue only and should hit 6.06 as well, not just 6.5

But if anyone is having issues on XP, downloading NET 3.5 SP1 will also get you the updates to NET 2 that the cubase installer complains about.