Padshop, doesn't see VST Sound Instrument Sets

Hi, to experts!
I downloaded and set trial versions: Granular Symphonies and Granular Guitars, but Padshop doesn’t see their libraries!
Whether there was at somebody such problem and whether it has a decision?

Thanks, all for “help”!
Especially, to specialists from “Steinberg”. Probably it was my last attempt, to purchase that that from their products.
Of course, “Steinberg” - the big, successful company and problems, some there certain user, can wait especially as the trial period lasts the whole 30 days.
But the user just wants to work, but not “to dance with a tambourine” around the computer, investigating the next bugs. Perhaps both “Granular Guitars”, and “Granular Symphonies” - are incredibly good, but here only to use all this, “fantastic joy”, there is any more no what desire.
I will go to other “bench” because large market, something will for certain be found.
Once again, all thanks! The subject is closed.

Hey still need a solution ? because they are plenty in the forum about this issue. if you still need help anyway, just ask, i’ll try my best to explain what to do but it’s not that hard ! you must just allow cubase, and all his components and the sound library to be installed for “All users”. feel free to ask any questions if you need help. i fixed 90% of the problems (still have 10% :slight_smile: ).