Padshop error


I’m new to the forum and new to Cubase as well. Just few days back bought Cubase 9 Pro which is running smoothly. Bear with me if this has been asked but despite search, or perhaps my ignorance, I didn’t find any answer.

My query is regarding Padshop. Firstly, during installation Cubase crashed while scanning Padshop and Padshop Pro. Then I saw Padshop enlisted in the blacklisted plugins so I reactivated it following the information I gathered. I also deleted the .xml blacklisted file. Now Padshop Pro, which I believe is a paid vsti, is crashing giving the same error. However the other Padshop is loading normally but when I change a preset, a window pops up stating ‘fatal error’ - the same scanning error again. Link

I’ve opened a support ticket with this image as well as uploaded dump file but so far no response.

Had any of you experienced the same issue? Let me know please what can be done.

Many thanks.