Padshop ERRORS

Hello, I recently upgraded my 32 bit Win 7 install of 6.0 to 6.5 and while everything went well I don’t have any presets for padshop, I have tried rescanning the steinberg folder inmeia bay to no avail,

also when I load up padshop it seems 3 notes are stuck down on the synth. anyone else have this error ? I’d ike to avoid having to reinstall completely. Maybe I can reinstall the update somehow?
thank you

ok, just completely uninstalled cubase 6, reinstalled and reupdated to 6.5… STILL no presets!! WTF!?

Have you looked at this thread?

yes I read that thread, I installed with that option checked.

Also my retrologue presets are also missing, how would reinstalling padshop give me my retrologue presets?