Padshop missing from new download

So i just switched from a Macbook Pro that was running 9.5 Elements to a Macbook Air OS 12 Monterey, which i realised was not compatible with a Cubase model that old so I upgraded to Elements 12. However when I upgraded, my license showed as ‘Cubase Elements 11 - non upgradeable’, I assumed it was just something to do with what my computer could host and that it automatically downgraded my model out of convenience so i went ahead and downloaded 11 instead. However when I open Cubase i am notified that Padshop is missing and that it is due to an invalid or expired license. Everything else is working fine but I can’t seem to find how to get Padshop to work, and most forums confuse me because I’m not very knowledgeable when it comes to this software. Please help!

You can get Padshop Pro v 1.2.20 if you look in the VST Instruments & Plugins section in the Steinberg Download Assistant.

I have no idea about MAC’s and what is compatible or not, but I have a Pro license and I get Padshop 2 in that version - also I noticed there is a Padshop Pro so I guess that is the one you are after?

From what I have understood with the Cubase 11 non-upgradeable titles I think it has to do with this being the last generation on the old dongle system.

No the non upgradable message means you have a licence for 12 in steinberg licence manager now and the elicencer version 11 is used for this and can not be used again. You will have to run the new licence manager and log into your acount from it. I think also in your mysteinberg page you should see your v12 licence, You can download it with download manager.