Padshop Pro always duplicating samples into its 'own' folder


One thing really annoying about Padshop Pro is that when loading your own sample into it, Padshop always duplicates / copies the sample into its own folder, the one called ‘user samples’ located in the Sternberg Padshop main folder. Why is that? Every granular synths I own don’t do that, they simply load up & save the sample in their buffer when a preset or a daw session is saved, they dont duplicate the samples somewhere else on the hard drive every time. After a while if you have experimented and try hundreds of samples over time, this can eat & waste a lot of space! :confused:

Why can’t Padshop not work like any other granular synths outhere and not copy the samples into another folder each time you load a sample into it? Any idea on the reason behind that?

didnt know that, seems steinberg sucks at support. my last ticket was 2-3 weeks ago and also unanswered.

do they even care?

Yes this is a little annoying, especially now that many use SSD’s, where the space is limited. I guess it’s doing it, so you can use the sounds in other songs. Would be nice to have a option to save these samples with project instead. Or just a reference to the original sample ?

how active are the steinberg people here at all?

I didn’t know. I’ll keep attention to this thing…

is there no way to change the folder? i just found the padshop folder and it is full of WAVs i just loaded in some sessions but didnt save the presets!!!
this sucks !!!

i will write steinberg an angry mail and they can also close this forum as there is no support.

This is a user-to-user forum, not a support service. You have to open a ticket.

ah ok cause someone from Steinberg replies on KVR Forums and other devs from other companies commuicatie on forums normally too… it seems steinberg doesnt need to communicate on forums, good to know.

Sometimes it happens here, too. :slight_smile: