Padshop Pro crash dumps

I installed the latest version of the Padshop Pro in the latest version of Cubase Elements 10. When I open it (Padshop) and change the preset, it crashed as well as in the attached file. Thank you

Welcome to the club! Under Windows 10? Been dealing with the issue almost 4 weeks… no luck with any recommendations.

…and still wondering if guys from Steinberg are aware of the fact that it´s somehow suspicious that quite a lot people have this kind of issue with Padshop.

Avez-vous trouvé une solution. Ca ne fonctionne pas depuis trois mois?

after months of issues with crashing Cubase due to Padshop I used a procedure recommended by user “LoveEnigma” - check this thread: Padshop 2 and Retrologue 2 not working in FL Studio - #10 by AtariBoy. So the cause may be e-Licenser. In my case it was definitely e-Licenser, reactivation procedure helped. For those who have changed Windows version, updated Windows, replaced hard drive, computer etc., and have not reactivated the licenses, this is probably the cause as well. Cubase may still work even without reactivation, also other vst bound to e-Licenser, except for Padshop (and in my case also Retrologue, any maybe other as well) that simply causes unexplainable crashes - that may indicate that licenses need to be reactivated, though not explicitly stated anywhere in the crash dumps.