Padshop PRO installation problem

Hello, just ordered padshop pro.
I have now Cubase 8.5 Pro, so PadShop included in program. I ordered an update to pro, but installator said that there is no operations to perform, what it means? That i already have padshop PRO? In sequencer i do not see text “PRO” after plug-in name.
No any email support, no any distributors in my country.
Thank you in advance for help.

The regular Padshop turns into Padshop Pro if you’ve activated your license. There’s nothing left to install if you haven’t bought the Zero Gravity expansion.

Sad, so what i need to do next? Any chance to get moneyback from steinberg for this plug-in?

Hm? Just run the plugin. The name stays the same on the plugin list for compatibility reasons, so old projects that used the regular Padshop can be opened if you have Padshop Pro.

Not sure if i understood you correctly, in cubase 8 PRO included PadShop default or pro? If pro - i no need to use just bought licence. If default - i didnt activated my PRO licence yet, i only get email confirmation with Activation Code, and not sure where to enter it, because installation says that i no need to install it.
Thank you.

You don’t have to install anything. Just activate the license, and the the Pro features of Padshop are unlocked. The plugin is the same, it only has some options locked without the Pro license.

You have to activate the License in the eLicenser Control (eLC)

Yeah, thank you for insctructions, have a good day :slight_smile:

I had the same problem and I share the solution (not trivial for a newbie).
There is no installation instruction, and the downloadable file in the shop website is only the update to the last version of Padshop, not the update from Padshop to Padshop Pro as we both believed. If you already have the last version, the update will simply not do anything and exit. But they send you the activation code in the email. This has to be put on the usb e-licenser key by use of its software (currently named “eLicenserControlCenter”). Open it, you find “enter activation code” in the menus. Select it, and anter the code by copy/paste from the email.
Then you launch Cubase. The instrument list in Studio/VST plug-in manager is not updated: the name in the list is still Padshop (without Pro). When you insert an instrument track in Cubase and select “Padshop” (without Pro), now Padshop Pro opens and there you go.
I suggest Steinberg to make the installation instruction clear in the shop website.

Thats just the solution that was posted more than once in this very thread…

Thanks a million Mr folkfreak and others; this was the information I needed desperately. Prob solved now.

It would be helpful if Steinberg set this out in the confirmation email - there is only a link to download - no mention of activating extra functions through using the elicenser. It shouldn’t be this hard.