Padshop Pro Trial not working (windows 7 & ableton)


I am trying to get the pad shop pro demo working on my windows 7 machine and ableton live 8.4.2.

I have installed everything yet the vst2 file ends up in a cakewalk folder on my c: drive, so copy that over to my vst folder on my e: drive.

Load up ableton it says it cannot load pad shop pro due to not having a elicence.

I did not get any activation code with the email and download link.

What can I do?


I have exactly the same problem. Have you been able to get this working?


I did eventually.
You have to let it install in the default folder/path it wants to install.
Then you have to copy the padshop.dll to the vst folder and then it should bring up the pace system when you try to use it in your DAW.
it is a fiddly way of doing things

Please disregard. I got it to work.

I still can’t get it to work; I tried Spidergod’s method and it didn’t help. Anyone else have any ideas? I’m having the same issue with other trial versions on my computer as well.