Padshop Pro trial version


I have Padshop and wanted to try the PRO version before upgrading to see if I need it.

I received the email from steinberg with a link to download Padshop pro trial version, but it actually downloaded Padshop trial version and not the pro version.

Can anyone help please?


It’s the same program, the license for the pro opens up for the additional features.

But I didn’t get any new features. In the right corner at the bottom it shows Padshop alone not Padshop pro. I tried to drag in a wave file from daw(cubase 6.5.5¿), it didn’t work.
There is no save preset option.
The UI is not dark as in the website it shows.
There is no eq section.
No extra presets.
And finally, the installer exe file name is clearly says Padshop trial not Padshop pro trial.

You may have to activate it in the e-licenser, even though it’s only a ‘trial’ version.

I can’t see it in the e-licenser either. To activate a new license I should have the license key right.

anyone? It is clear that my plugin is padshop and not pro. how to know i’m wrong?

I can’t get the trial version for Padshop pro

You need a trial license, once it is on your dongle, Padshop will start as Padshop pro.

I didn’t get any license. Please help me. Can’t find any instructions

Steinberg support team sent me another link to download the full version Padshop/Padshop pro from their download updates page. But still they didn’t sent me License key and told it will run in pro mode for 30 days.

When I run the installer, and select 64bit, it simply shows if I want to uninstall / Reinstall or no change the Padshop. Still I tried to load Cubase and its opening on Padshop not the pro version.