Padshop Pro "Upgrade" content repossessed?

I was surprised and gratified at the price of the Padshop upgrade to “Pro” and very much looking forward to using my own samples. So I jumped on it.

I was surprised and disappointed to find that, upon installation, none of the content from the original installation could be found in the pre-set drop down menu. Rather than the extensive, rich collection of example and exemplary material, there are 5 or 6 “voice” presets including the ominously titled, “Whining Voices”, which steers dangerously close to editorializing on the part of Steinberg developers, sound designers and marketing wonks. Maybe management got involved.

Is this the case? Has the content I purchased with the initial release of Padshop been re-possessed by Steinberg? Or perhaps there is some way of finding and adding in the original material, perhaps described somewhere early in the User Manual (that I haven’t yet read.)


have you by any chance hit the star rating in the pull down menu on pad shop which then it will only show you the sounds with that rating because the sound you are talking about is an original ?

Now I can see “Abysmal Zone” – which is where I feel with embarrassment. Thanks for your help.


your welcome

enjoy !