Padshop pro

I have Cubase 6.5 at present. I just upgraded to Padshop pro. The basic upgrade didn’t take to the Pro version but Zero Gravity has been installed to the Padshop that was installed with the 6.5 upgrade. (I originally purchased 6.0 but qualified for the free upgrade to 6.5 because of the grace period.) So, I have Zero Gravity available but not the basic upgrade with the new effects, different skin, and reverb. I did a reinstall and no luck.

Any ideas are appreciated before I contact THE POWERS THAT BE.


You need to activate the Padshop Pro license, then it will show. It is basically the same install as regular Padshop. More here: Padshop Pro - update not found.. [solved] - Virtual instruments - Steinberg Forums

Hey thanks for the info … it worked. The activation code for the e-license that is. Not Padshop Pro is alive and well.