Padshop Size


is it possible to change the size of Padshop ?

Thanks for any response and all the best

Unfortunately, no.

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Hope soon, cause it’s so “little”…

I should actually qualify my answer, though: you can reduce it, but you’d have to delete some of the Factory Content. It comes with the original Padshop Factory Content (334 MB) and the Padshop 2 content (404 MB). You could try deleting one of those if you’re really desperate for space, but you may have a bunch of errors to deal with if you do. I’ve never tried that.

Yes! Please, Steinberg :pray: …Give some love to that poor tiny Padshop UI, it really needs it.

It’s very difficult to work with after only several minutes, eye strain guaranteed. If you don’t make it truly resizable, at least give your Padshop customers size options like ‘medium’, ‘big’, ‘large’ etc. I’m 100% convince everybody will appreciate such update.

It is such an amazing synth, but man it’s a real challenge for the eyes though.

Thank you!


I was hoping to see UI improvements when C12 was released. Please make this happen, every time I spend hours in Padshop I start to think it would be really nice, and useful to increase plugin size.

I then consider using another Granulizer that is more modern in design at least but IMO i do find Padshop 2 workflow really good.

Perhaps this is not possible without a total rewrite from the bottom up, if so say so, and do you ever plan to update this.

You are still releasing preset patches so the product is generating revenue

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I don’t understand why they let their users/customers in the dark about this UI size subject. It’s been discussed several times over the past years here in the forums and they never said anything.

Not very nice. I guess that silence simply means a ‘no we won’t do it’.

To be honest, I rarely go for Padshop nowadays for my granular needs. Not that I don’t like it, it still sounds great and rich of features, but it’s just too painful for the eyes to use after a few minutes.

I’ve registered just now and downloaded its trial after reading some very positive comments. But to be honest I’m not gonna buy it if they stay like that. It’s just painful for my eyes to work with it, So shame that they ignore the problem and so many requests.

@Steinberg - why don’t you answer our requests? I love Padshop but it its an absolute Pain in the *rse to use because it is sooooo tiny - come on!!!

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Do you think they give a f… about it? Just do same as they and myself