Padshop- what is it?

Hey guys!

The Padshop- I don’t get it. I was looking forward to receive it because the demo sounded so good. But when I installed it- it does not do anything. All it does is “Eeeeeeeeeeeeee…” I have no problems loading the samples. But when I load them, I see nice Wav form, but it sounds nothing but “eeee”. I load different sounds, many of them have fancy names and they stored in fancy folders such as Strings, Voice, Synth… but all of them sound as different variations of “eeeee”. Am I missing something? I noted- there is setting as “Speed”. If I put it at 100% or above, the cursor starts going over the sample like if it was playing it and I hear “ttttttttttt” or “trrrrrrrrrr”, or “shshshshshshshs”… This is nice and very original but it is NOT useful for anything. Something must be very wrong with it- I can’t believe Steinberg would put out such a product. And then there are expansions, “Zero Gravity” and Granular Symphonies"- I remember receiving advertisement e-mail about how grate they are, this is why I ordered the plug in, but all the expansions sound about the same variation of “eeeee”. I hear no voc, strings, bells or anything. If this is a bell, Yamaha needs to fire all their designers. Please, explain me what am I missing. Thank you very much.

I learned a lot from this video:

Also, be sure to try out the presets (not only the samples), there is a lot of good stuff in there.

To me, Padshop Pro is a very useful and versatile synthesizer, not limited to pads. I created brass synth sounds with it, too… even lead sounds (although they are a bit of a waste of all the nice capabilities of such a sophisticated granular synthesizer).

Thank you for your reply. I do not see any presets. I watched the video- the only place he opens browser is from the red section of display above the wav. Those, I assume are samples. Where are the programs/presets? In the video, there is no top portion of the synth. When in Sonar on my computer, it has a top bar where it says, “Load Preset” pr “Load Program”, but it opens to the last folder on the hard drive where I saved something. I looked in C/Programs Files/Common Files/Steinberg/ It contains HALion Sonic SE, but no Padshop of any kind. I bought Granular Symphonies and I supposed to have Gravity- are those have presets? I thought there should be presets- hearing “eeeeee” of any kind is not productive. I found that if I load sample “Thunder with Rain”, it remotely resembles thunder and rain sample in very bad quality at speed 200%. I have sound design libraries already- I did not buy this for the bad samples of Thunder and Rain. I want to hope that I am not loading something or something did not get installed, because if this is the product- I need a refund. I open Dark Planet and there are normal sounds- kind of nice. But this thing has nothing so far. Please, help me to make a sense of it. I did watch the video. It shows how to tweak samples. I would want to tweak a preset- I would change few things, but now start over and create everything. Somebody needs to do some programing for it before they sale it, or make better installation instructions. Because if there are presents- it should be explained on the box. Yes, almost all soft synths I ever used had presets- this is the first one that does nothing but :“eeeeeeeee” and stares at me, expecting me to program it. Thank you for your help.

Sounds like some corruption.
Perhaps a re-install would help.

I don’t think it is corrupted, but what would really help is if somebody tells me where their programs got installed. Can not use presets if I can not navigate to them. Thank you.

To me, this also sounds like corruption.

I found Padshop as easy to use as all the other Steinberg plugins, and it’s really loaded with good presets.

Thank you for your reply. You keep saying that it loads with Presets, but not saying where the presets are. Do you see big red window with the wav image? Do you see the small white text? Is it a preset or sample? I have “Load Preset” and “Save Preset” function at the top, that allows me to brows computer, but I do not know what folder to look in. There may be presets somewhere, I just don’t know where.

as someone said already - a corruption - means you just reinstall Padshop (or Cubase all together)
then everything should be installed as it should;
if not, uninstall first and reinstall

I do not have Cobase. The Padshop came with VST collection. So I can see Padshop Pro under Add/Remove programs, but I would not know how to install just that. The frustrating part is that Tech Support form to contact them is not working either on my account. I am trying and trying and trying to submit it, but it keeps asking me “Operating system” and computer type". The form does not go through. I e-mailed customer service, but they do not reply. This is very bad business.

Back to Padshop. The plugin looks fine. I just wish somebody look and say where do they see Presets. Are you looking on red display where the wav is or on the top where VST drop down menu is?

I have VST drop down menu, that offers “Open Preset” and “Save Preset”. So my pathway is C/Program Files/Common Files/VST3/Steinberg/PadshopPro/ In this folder I only see “Documentation”, “Help”, “Padshop” SRF file and Padshop,vst3 file. The preset file is *.fxpreset and I do not see any. They may be in the another direction or something.

There also was option during installation, saying “Make it available to all users on this computer”. I had it checked on some installations and unchecked on another- I did not pay attention as this supposed to be administrator account, and there is no other users.

Do you have VST dropdown menu? If you click Load Preset, what directory it opens?

If you want to change Preset, what you do and where do you see the name of the preset? Can you post few preset names so I can search for it some how? Thank you.

Well It’s already been mentioned- The Re-install You could of course open Padshop and click on the (?) at the bottom right and read the manual or in the meantime does this help ? I’m not actually sure what it is you’re looking for ?

Going by the “Eeeeeeeeee” you keep mentioning, I’d say it’s corrupted.!!!

Thank you for your reply and screenshot. You using Padshop. I think- my is Padshop Pro, as my has black background. I do not have the top blue section as you have on the picture. I don’t know how to Insert image, I would show it. But my says- VST, and it opens, inside it has “Load Preset” and “Save Preset”, which not open anywhere to Presets.

That blue bar is from hosting padshop in Cubase, Cubase handles the presets in this case. Whichever other DAW you use should do a similar thing. How are you using Padshop?