I’m pretty darn sure I originally downloaded (& paid!) for Padshop, 2 & “pro”. But Cubase is now not locating Padshop… In my VST Instrument folder there is Granular Symphonies, MPE Padshop, Padshop Fact…nt & Polarities… what do I do? Presets missing for Padshop? In My eLicenser Control Centre there is only “Padshop Pro Extension” itemised; the above 4 VST’s are also listed in eLicenser!

Hey, Billy.

You might try the library manager and see if that gives you any insight, may need to uninstall / reinstall. Here’s a YouTube video I found that can get you started in the right direction.

Padshop … “No valid license detected for Padshop”…Retry eLicencer…tried that…no go.

I think Padshop 2 replaces Padshop and Padshop Pro. I had also purchased Padshop Pro and had the original Padshop from previous versions of Cubase, but now if I open the VST Plugin Manager, there is just Padshop, which is Padshop 2. I also just have Padshop Pro Extension as my only Padshop reference in the eLicenser, which makes sense since it is the only version purchased separately; the original Padshop and Padshop 2 were bundled with Cubase Pro, and are therefore covered by the Cubase Pro license. Still you could try running Maintenance in the eLicenser to see if that helps. Also, make sure you have the latest version of the eLicenser;
As ChrisDuncan suggested the Library Manager is the way to fix missing libraries. Use the Move function to move them to a different location, then if you like, move them back. Just use the move function and that seems to make Cubase recognize where they are if they are missing.
As for the no valid license for Padshop, I would try running the Cubase installer again, since Padshop 2 is bundled with Cubase. See if that fixes the licensing issue. After that, I think you’ll need to submit a support request, unless someone else here can make another suggestion for a fix.
Good luck.