Padshop2 not working with Ableton 10

Hello, I just purchased Padshop2 and have installed it via the Download Assistant to my Plugins Folder that has all my other plugins I use with no issues, this directory.

However, Ableton upon scanning for new plugins does not pick up Padshop2. I’ve installed and reinstalled, and have never once been able to open Padshop2 whether through Ableton or not.

I’ve searched the internet and this forum, and cannot find any help in making Padshop2 work with Ableton.

Any help in getting this plugin working with Ableton would be hugely appreciated!

Thank you

Well figured out my own issue. Padshop2 is installed as a VST3 in a default folder. if you turn on the “Use VST3 Plug-In System Folders” option in Preferences -> Plugins it will show up.

All of my other plugsin, Serum, Kilohearts suite, Shaperbox, Harmor, Edison who up as “VST” and are in a custom plugins folder.

Hello where was Padshop2 installed on your Pc? I don´t find neither the standalone version nor the VSTs of Padshop2 only the Padshop Pro versions I already had. Also the Padshop2 installer doesn´t tell me where it is located but it says it´s already installed. I was also searching for padshop files on my whole pc but I find no Padshop2 application or vst. Do you have any clues?


any updates