Page frame/margin restrictions?

Screen Shot 2023-01-10 at 14.22.12

While trying to tidy up the formatting of my pages I noticed this “103.1%” on the bottom right corner of one of the pages. All the others are under 100%. I don’t see anywhere where the frame border has been adjusted beyond the defaults. Why is this showing up? Will it be a problem for the margins when I go to print?

Does this make sense? If your Frame is full, I think the only way to change this is to create a Frame Break somewhere so that there are less Systems on the page (or the same number of Systems with less vertical content?).

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I expect Dorico, when it casts off, has to make allowances for notes, dynamic, and even measure numbers below the staff; so if your bottom staff has none of these, the appearance may be okay even if the frame is slightly overfull.

Dorico doesn’t always know everything that is in the frame (or system) when it initially casts off, so sometimes one finds systems that collide and overlap, and I suppose this is the more pleasant reverse case where all looks okay.

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Yes, I frequently find this even though I hate the scary red %!

Thanks fellas!

In this Discover Dorico session, John covers how Dorico calculates spacing.

Basically, it adds up the heights of staves, the minimum gaps between them (as set in Layout Options), any extra space needed for “stuff that extends above/below staves” (like high/low notes, dynamics etc), the notations and their padding – and compares that to the amount of space inside the music frame, minus the frame padding at the top/and bottom.

If the “stuff inside the frame” requires more vertical space than “the space available inside the frame”, you get an overfull frame and a >100% indication in the frame fullness indicator. Something as simple as slightly reducing the minimum gaps between staves/systems by 1/8 or 1/4 can eliminate this, depending on the circumstances.