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Is there a way to change page headings globally? I typed “{@flowTitle@}, page {@page@}”, which gives me what I want, but that only changes the one page that I am on, and I really don’t want to have to do this individually for every page (especially when the total number of pages in the score could still change).

Relatedly, I want to remove the default page numbers in the corners, but I can also only do this on an individual basis - the hide page numbers layout setting also hides the {@page@} in my page headers.

Is there a way I can do either of these things as a global setting rather than changing every single page individually?

Thanks for the help! Still pretty new to Dorico and finding my way around. (this is on 4.0 pro).

Welcome to the forum, David.

Go into Engrave mode and in the right panel you’ll find the Page Templates, one of which is named “First” and the other of which is “Default”. Double-click either of them to open it in the Page Template Editor. If you type what you want (or edit what’s already) at the top of each Page Template (noting that each one is actually a separate right and left page), then Apply and Close, you should find that those changes are made globally, or at least globally within that layout.

By default there are actually two Page Template sets, one for score layouts and one for part layouts (though in reality you can have as few or many Page Template sets as you like).

The only likely complication is that by editing text frames locally, you’ve probably created page overrides. Until these are removed, your template tweaks won’t take effect on the overridden pages. Page overrides are indicated by red corners on overridden pages in the Pages section at the top of the right panel in Engrave mode. Right-click each affected page and click Remove Page Overrides - there’s also a Remove All Page Overrides button that clears them all (for that layout).

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Worked perfectly. Thanks for the help!

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@pianoleo is there a way of doing this in Elements? I’m in Engrave Mode and there’s no right panel so I’m guessing your above solution is for Pro…
At the moment I’m having to edit every header on each part for 17 instruments. It would be great if there were a quicker way.
Thanks for any help you can give.

Probably quicker to change the text in the token in Project Info – so the page displays “whatever is in the token”, rather than editing every page.

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@benwiggy thank you - I can do this, but then I’m having to add the token into the header on each part, and it’s a big band piece, so there are 17 of em! I wanted to just do it one one of the parts, or somewhere, and it migrate through all of them. Perhaps Elements doesn’t have this functionality.

Unfortunately Elements doesn’t have full frame and page template editing capabilities. If you can utilise the tokens/fields that are used by default on page templates, that might work for now? However, if you regularly find yourself wanting or needing to customize page templates, Dorico Pro might be more suitable for your needs.

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@Lillie_Harris thanks for this - all I really need is to put the copyright and the project title on both pages of a 2 page part. They only appear on page 1, and I need them on both.
I have just been going through the motions of adding the appropriate tokens to the top of page 2 so if I have to do it on each individual page, so be it. I just wondered if there was a quicker way.
My use of Dorico doesn’t stretch to the cost of Pro at the moment, so if I have to spend 10 mins adding it to each part, that will be what I need to do!
Thanks all.

I dare say you could find some kind soul who will adjust the page template for you…

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Or, if one still qualifies, download the 30-day trial version of Dorico Pro and make the edits there.

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