Page Mode not working: blank page/no notes!

I have been using Cubase 7.0.3 for some time with no problem - up until now.

In Score Editor, Page Mode is showing nothing but a blank grey background: no notes, nothing. Outside Page Mode the notes are there, but they disappear when I select Page Mode. I was using Page Mode with no problem until this morning, when the problem suddenly appeared! This is a problem as I clearly need Page Mode to edit before printing.

A weird side-effect, when I try to print the blank page under Page Mode using my Pdf printer, it prints the notes but puts one stave only at the top of each page.

I have tried restarting, etc. but to no avail. Any ideas?

Thank you very much!

Update: in case anyone has the same problem, I finally found out how to resolve it. I deselected my pdf printer (Pdf reDirect) as Default and everything is fine again.

I still use the same pdf printer to print, but apparently it was used by Cubase within the program to render the Page Mode view, with which it was not compatible.

Back to normal!