Page navigation next & previous...?

is there still no way to flip through the pages one by one via key commands?

GoTo#bar via shortcut+number, but no pagenumber
and Start/End of flow via assignable command

Anything else…

In Navigation, there are options to map keys for Next and Previous or something like that. I use that and love it.

…but there is nothing about page-to-page navigation.
This is the list of possibilities…

Which ones are especially useful for you

Under View, “Move View Left” and “Move View Right” move exactly a page at a time IF your zoom is set to Whole Page.

Under View category, I mapped Move View Left and Move View Right to Page Up and Page Down (worked well for me, since these are just above my L and R arrow keys).

Leo is quite right. I suggest mapping View Whole Page to Alt-X (since X is zoom out). Then Move View will move by page. In Galley View, it will move by approximately the screen viewing area, which also works well for me.