Page number not showing up on document

I have embedded a page number on the master page of the attached document using the page number token but it isn’t coming out on the printed page or showing up in write/engrave mode. Any ideas? Thanks.
Black Sabbath Riffs Final.dorico (505.9 KB)

that’s indeed interesting: after removing page overrides, I am also not able to show page numbers in your project. The {@pagecount@} shows me correctly 3 pages though.
This is as far as I could get, I am sorry I am of no more help.

EDIT: oops. just after I sent I checked one more option. Go to Layout-Options > Page > Pagenumbers. there’s an option for page numbers, which you have set to “hide above flow headings”. Change to “Show over Flow headings”.

Brilliant. That’s done it. Thanks.