Page number position

Hello is there any way of positioning the page numbers like in many other programs , Word, pages, logic etc… not with mouse dragging not the master pages?
If not , this would be a nice simple new feat in Dorico 4

Best gogollny

You can certainly place the page numbers however you wish, but you do need to alter the master page design. If I understand you correctly, I wouldn’t think the default Master Page design will change.

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If I understand you correctly, I wouldn’t think the default Master Page design will change.

Sorry I don’t understand what you mean.

I know that I can change the master page. But I have to do it by using the mouse for changing the position. And as I learned here often before, the program is not designed for mouse-using in many ways.

I would much prefer the much straighter and easier way like f.e. in Logic…(or in word, or in pages or numbers etc)
Seiten logic

This could be shown in the page number dialogue…

You don’t have to move the existing frames that contain page numbers - you could instead delete those and draw in new ones where you want. That could work out quicker than moving them. A quick way of re-inserting the page number token if you can’t remember it is to right-click inside a text frame, you’ll get a context menu of available tokens.

You can also move frames using key commands - Alt/Opt-arrow keys or Ctrl/Cmd-Alt/Opt-arrow keys for larger increments per press.

That said, of course I understand your underlying point and request - this is just to try to help you use Dorico as it stands currently.

The position and dimensions of frames relative to their attachment constraints can also be altered numerically using the properties panel for each frame in Engrave mode.

Thank you both, but

  1. the page numbers dont appear on my master pages and so
  2. I can’t remove them there generally which
  3. just has the possibility to remove them page per page…

Would be nice to have this in the page number dialogue

That doesn’t quite sound right - that’s exactly where page numbers come from, master pages.

Dorico’s default setup is that the First master page in each master page set doesn’t show a page number, but the Default master page (used for page 2 onwards usually) does, and they’re placed in the top outside corners.

If you want to change where page numbers appear throughout a layout and project, double-click the Default master page in the panel on the right in Engrave mode. That opens the Default master page in the master page editor. There, do whatever you like to the 2 small text tokens at the top left of the left page, and top right of the right page, that each contain the page number token (and therefore is how page numbers appear there). Click Apply, then Close the master page editor.

If you’re not seeing the changes you make in the master page editor on pages in the layout, that might be because those pages already have local page overrides that you must remove in order for the master page to be updated.

In Dorico, very very rarely should you need to do anything on every single page manually.

If you’re encountering something specific in a project, please post it in this thread so someone can look at the project and give you targeted advice.

I use a custom Master Page set on which I have added the page field to my First MP and have then created a separate First page without page numbers for the times I need that.

That should not alter the info in my illustration.

Thank you again… but…

So there are two master pages that appear in the right panel:

“Erste”. and
“Standard”. in Erste there are no page numbers …in standard they are , but when I change them there the changes dont appear in the project.

I know it is just complaining , but why did these things have to be so hidden and difficutrl? Whats the reason for that?
I really again and again dont get behind the way of thinking in Dorico.

Correct, Erste doesn’t have page number tokens by default, only Standard does (that’s the equivalent of the Default master page I mentioned, but obviously in German).

If you move the page numbers in the master page, click Apply, then Close, but don’t see the effect on the pages in your layout, that might be because those pages have local page overrides (as I mentioned in my previous reply). Check for red triangles in the panel on the right in Engrave mode - you’ll see them on the rectangles representing the pages in your layout.

Remove the overrides from pages with red triangles so they pick up your latest changes to the master page. Overrides fix a page - like freezing it in time. Any stuff you added just on those pages will be lost, however.

The reason is that Dorico’s approach to the whole complex that page numbers are a part of is that of a desktop publishing software, and not that of a word processor (like the programs you mention).

Basically, in a word processor a number of technical layout decisions are already taken off your hands, which makes it easier to offer the kind of choices that you would like to see. That works well in the usual context of word processors (until it doesn’t, which is, admittedly, rather rare).

But for score engraving, boiling down layout scenarios in a way that is reasonable in a word processor would make it more difficult to have certain powerful features that are useful for engraving, while more or less irrelevant for a word processor. So, for better or worse (for better, I would say), Dorico exposes a lot of the layout machinery that is also at play in a word processor, but “hidden and difficult” there.

I am not saying that therefore nothing in that area could be improved in Dorico. But you asked for a reason for the state of things, and hopefully this could shed a bit of light on the matter.

Thank you… but is logic a word processor.? So I thought, that because it is offered in so many different programs it wouldn’t be so hard… but thank you