Page numbers showing or not

Hi there,
Would somebody know why the page numbers disappear randomly in my parts? The master pages set I’m using there is Dorico’s default set part but I’ve insert custom master pages set before. The tokens are all right. On the photo the page number doesn’t show on the left page and does on the right page, but I have other pages in the same part who show the opposite or nothing at all.


I’m sure it’s not random. I need to see the project to know for sure, but check Layout Options–Page Setup–Flows to see if you have page numbers set to hide above flow headers.

Yes that’s it! I was weirdly looking in Page number!!!
Thanks a lot Dan,

Thank you very much dankreider for your post. I t helped me to solve a similar problem as well😊

Ditto, Dan… solved the same issue for me!! Thanks