Page range export bug/feature

I searched but didn’t find anything about this.

If I set a page range to export, say 4–5, and export PDF, I get the correct pages. But if I make edits to the project and then use my key command for Export (for me, Ctrl-Alt-E), it exports all pages, not the range. The export dialog is still displaying the range. This has caught me a bunch of times until I figured it out. The reason is that I’m using InDesign with lots of links to PDFs, and I’m used to these PDFs updating automatically when I overwrite the existing export. But they kept reverting to display a different page, and I couldn’t figure out why…

Perhaps that isn’t a bug, and the key command for “Export” technically means only “Export the whole layout.” If so, I’d like to request that the Export shortcut do the same thing happens when I click the “Export” button. The key command for Export is what I vastly prefer for workflow, and I think it makes the most sense to have it mirror the settings in the Export dialog in Print mode. Thanks.


The shortcut is indeed intended to export the whole of the current layout, and it disregards the page range specified in Print mode. I understand you’d like this to work differently, and I’ll think about it, but it’s unlikely to be something we do as a high priority.

Ok, thanks Daniel.