Page setup - page margins


it seems that the page margin values are not updating properly. When I change layout on the right hand pane in the page setup window, nothing at all happens. The only way I found to access the actual margins for a certain layout is to switch to it, and then open the page setup. Sometimes the viewed layout is shown and the correct margin values.

What am I doing wrong?

I also did not find a way to apply the layout settings for one part layout to all part layouts. I guess this can be done?


Further investigation within Page Setup section of Layout options.

This is what I did. Highlight one layout on the right pane.
I change settings for this layout, hit apply. Highlight another layout on the right pane. Check if the correct setting for that layout is shown.

Result - the following are shown correctly:

Page size: Width and heigth, Space size, Music frame margins, All the fields in the Flows and Initial page number sections.

So Page margins does not update, neither does Master page set, Rastral size, Orientation, Size.

Is this intended behaviour? If so, I fail to see the logic.

You can select more than one Layout at a time. Otherwise, changes apply only to the currently selected Layout.

Thanks, I know about that. I was more looking for a way to copy all settings from one layout to another, found that propagate takes care about that.

Do you get the same as I in the page layout options?

A picture is worth a thousand words…

In the video, the Double Bass has paper size B4 and rastral size 1.


That seems to me the way it should be. Otherwise, how would the program know whether you wanted to change to apply to one part layout or to all parts? If you want to apply a change to all, as Ben said, you need to select them all before inputting the value you want.

But the changes are already done. This is just after opening the Layout options - I would expect the size to change to B4 and the rastral to 1.

You’re saying that the only way that changes in Page Setup are retained is if that layout is the one you’re currently viewing in the score window? That would certainly be unexpected.

Or are you saying that you are wanting changes made in one layout to be automatically carried over to another layout of the same type? That is not the intended functionality, since different part layouts may have different values in Page Setup. The values will change only if you explicitly change them. Again, if you want consistency across all part scores, you would want to select multiple layouts and enter the desired values.

Sorry, maybe I’m still not exactly understanding your question.

No problem… :slight_smile: I will try to explain better from behind my language barrier.

Just to illustrate the problem I have set the Double bass layout to B4 and rastral size 1. In the GIF I have opened the Layout options. When I switch between Double bass and Violoncello, you can see that the values change, but the paper size still reads “A4” and the rastral size still reads “custom”. I think those two fields should change to “B4” and “1”.

I am only talking about what is shown here in the layout options. When I exit and have a look at the actual layouts, they are as expected. I just do not get the proper information in the layout options window. As I wrote in my second post, this also goes for other fields in the page setup section.

Ok, I understand. I agree it should display the correct label as well. At least it’s looking correct in the score.

This one’s come up before - it’s a known bug. Any changes you make to Layout Options will be applied, but the display of existing properties isn’t necessarily correct.

Is there a diagram in the users manual that shows what various margins are? Last time I couldn’t find one.

No. You can always open a new project, go to Layout Options, hold Alt and click “Reset to Factory” (which is the “Reset to Saved Defaults” button unless you’re holding the Alt key).

To save you the bother, I’ve done it for you:

If you’re not working in millimetres you’ll need to either do this yourself or do the conversion yourself :slight_smile:

Thanks for confirming. Good to know.

It’s the music frame margins I’ve not figured out. That’s where a diagram would really help. I end up experimenting to get it right, never quite understanding the concept. Now the millimeters to inches – that I get!

Here’s a good example:

The top frame margin is the distance from the top of the blue box to the top of the first stave; the bottom frame margin is from the bottom of the blue box to the bottom of the last stave. If you have music items above and below those points (e.g. dynamics, lyrics), then you will want to have margins.

This essentially gives you a consistent print area, filled with music, on every page.

Thanks, benwiggy. I think I get it now, but it took about 60 words that one diagram could explain instantly. I’ve noticed that some stuff like dynamics go into the margins if I underdo the music frame margins. So it’s still a bit of trial and error to figure out. Always trying to maximize the music on the page to avoid page turns!