Page template not producing correct frames and text

[Never mind. I solved the issue. I must say, however, that it’s pretty confusing to have a setting in layout options muck up the template settings without any warning.]
Somehow, my main music frame for all flows nicked off with the flow heading frame and refuses to give it back. This should be clear from the two attached images. Applying the first page template results in the display you see. I’ve tried everything I can think of (including what I could find posted here). And I’m unable to manually override the position of the flow heading frame. (Even if I could, that would be a pain for this project, which has about 40 flows–all short excerpts like the one you see. I mention that in case it might be an issue.)

Do you have page overrides? This would prevent your changes from taking effect. If so, you need to remove those, then the template will correctly apply.

Also, make sure you edited the appropriate master (full score or part).

Is this a case of the flowTitle token being unable to register before the music frame starts?

Here are the layout settings that I needed to change. My previous settings were “Show flow headings: for all flows.” That put the flow heading frame into my music frame, which is why I couldn’t get rid of it manually. And the reason the text tokens I set on my first page template didn’t appear is because of the second group of settings I’ve marked in this screen shot. I had them all set to “hidden above flow heading.”
Confused the bejeebers out of me for most of this morning.