Page Templates: How to independently align text on right-hand side?

In the default page template of a instrument part, I’d like to add a footer text block on each page. The text should be left-aligned on the left side and right aligned on the right side. However, whenever I change the text alignment on the left side, the right side adjusts accordingly - which is weird, because the page number block can format the text alignment independently.
Is there a way to let Dorico know to format text blocks that I added later independently?

Found it!
For those who stumble over this post looking for a similar answer:
Instead of “Default Text”, assign “Page Number”.

The “real answer” is to choose a paragraph style that has “outside Edge” justification. You don’t need to keep the same font or size as your page numbers! Hope it helps!
Note that there is also an “inside Edge” justification that can be very useful for header things. So you could create two paragraph styles, one inner page, the other outer page, and show various stuff up there!
[Edit] Corrected the justification names.

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As Marc says, in Paragraph Styles, use “Outside Edge” as the Alignment setting.



Thank you a million times to both of you, @benwiggy & @MarcLarcher !