Page view changes when changing layouts - why?

When I’m in Page view in my Score 1 and i change to Score 2 → I stay in page view
When I change back from Score 2 to Score 1, Dorico changes automatically to galley view

IMHO this is a little bug…

A. Please explain further - are you talking about two different score layouts within the same project, and if so are they open in two separate windows or two separate tabs? Two monitors or one? Two separate projects open simultaneously?
B. As per the guidelines, please don’t cross-post the same thing in multiple topics. You posted exactly the same message here less than 24 hours ago, on a Sunday, on a Bank Holiday weekend.

B. it’s not been less than 24 hours ago - it has been on a Saturday - today is Monday. So it can’t be less than 24 hours ago. It has been under another ‘topic’ - so I thought it might be easier to read/find for others with another ‘headline’. You want me to erase the other post?
A. 2 different score layouts, same project, not 2 different windows, not 2 different tabs, not 2 differnt monitors

B. You’re right - it was Saturday. Regardless, posting the same thing in multiple topics confuses things and can lead to replies in multiple places (which can mean multiple people duplicating each other’s work), not to mentioning wasting the time of the people that read every thread on this forum. And the point about it being a Bank Holiday weekend here in the U.K. (until the end of today) stands.

A. What sort of things are you doing before switching from Score 2 to Score 1? Typically when opening a layout for the first time Dorico respects Preferences > General > View > Default view type. I’ve just spent 20 minutes trying to confuse Dorico, switching between score layouts, switching between Galley View and Page View, switching between Write and Engrave, starting and stopping playback etc.
It seems (here) that once a layout is open Dorico remembers whichever view mode it was previously in, with the exception that switching from a Page View only mode (such as Engrave) to Write mode tends to stay in Page View.

May Day holiday, eh? We had ours yesterday. I’ve not lived in the UK for many years, and I thought the May holiday was at the end of the month. I n ow see that you get two days this year the beginning of June.

But the point is that this forum has an international memberhip and, unless the information is posted prominently here, non-residents cannot be expected to know when the UK bank holidays are.

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No…that’s what Dorico exactly doesn’t remember and which would help. Dorico doesn’t remember the last view mode. If you don’t work with Tabs and you use the flip down menu above in the middle, Dorico always goes back into page view. no matter in which mode you have been before.

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I spent 20 minutes doing that. Dorico here remembered which view each layout had previously been in.

I’m assuming you’re running Dorico 4.0.31, as I am. If not, do clarify.

no…still 3.5 cause I can’t update with my MacPro 2009…i have to check on my Laptop which runs Dorico 4.0 - thanx so much Leo…

Ah. Yes, I can confirm that your experience is indeed how it works here in 3.5.12.
Clearly it’s been fixed in Dorico 4.

(I have added the dorico 3-5 tag to the thread title.)

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cool…I didn’t know about this ‘Dorico 3.5’ tag - sorry