Page view display issue

Why does this happen? Page view first measure takes up whole screen. Galley view is normal.
galley view.png
page view.png

It’s something to do with the following page being open meter and that page is being optimized for paps 2 and 3. So let me know if you want more information or a file.

It looks like it’s having a hard time with the casting off. Have you influenced the casting off with the insertion of any breaks later on in the music?

No breaks. I did add some breaks at one time to edit the open meter bars to add half beat at one point. But I removed all those. Here’s a shortened version of the score that still exhibits the problem (797 KB)

This is an edge case of our current casting off algorithm, I think. Basically it’s not able to handle a system that ends with an incomplete open meter bar if the system starts with one or more fixed-length bars. I’ll talk to Andrew (our spacing/casting off guru) about this when he’s back from his holiday.