Paginas para zurdos

como se asigna la pagina para zurdos ho diestros en el modo diseño y en la pagina maestra .
lo siento pero no lo comprendo .

> how the page is assigned for left-handed or right-handed users in design mode and on the master page.
I’m sorry but I don’t understand.

I’m not sure how a page would appear differently for a left-handed as opposed to a right-handed person. Perhaps Google Translate has simply not translated your request well.

Are you asking how to configure a part where the music starts on the left and continues to a page on the right of an open folio?

In some cases, a user would wish a page design to be different depending on whether it was a right-facing or left-facing page. One example would be a piano duet: the left side would show the secondo part, and the right side would show the primo. In that case, the left and right pages would need to have different designs, since they would be showing different material.

ok gracias


It did, zurdo means literally left-handed. I guess @dankreider ’s solution is what @ximofa was looking for, or else, there’s something engraving related specific for left-handed players which I’m not aware of, and that’s something I’m interested in as a left-handed person myself.